Salary Range: $130k-$185k
Commensurate with Experience



In addition to the agreed upon salary, the Village Administrator will receive the following benefits:

Retirement Benefits

This will be dependent on the candidate’s current situation.  As a result of reforms to the New Jersey Public Employees Retirement System (PERS), Municipal Administrators are no longer eligible to participate in in the pension program (PERS) and instead would be enrolled in the Defined Contribution Retirement Plan (DCRP).  However, if the successful candidate is already a member of the New Jersey PERS, they would “grandfathered” and eligible to continue their enrollment in the PERS pension program.   If not already a PERS member, as noted above, the successful candidate would be enrolled in the DCRP.  Additional information on these two options can be found at the links below:



Health Benefits

1. Medical/Rx Coverage – NJSHBP

The Village participates in the New Jersey State Health Benefits Program (NJSHBP) and provides medical and prescription benefits to full time employees in a single policy of coverage.  The Village Administrator would be enrolled in the NJSHBP, together with all eligible dependents (spouse, children, etc.), subject to the required statutory employee contributions to the premiums.  However, if the Administrator’s spouse is also enrolled in the NJSHPB, the regulations do not permit the dual enrollment and either the Administrator or their spouse would have to give up their NJSHBP coverage.  Additional information on available plans and required contributions can be found below:

General Information on the NJSHBP can be viewed here:

Available Plans can be viewed here:

Required Employee Contributions to Premiums information can be viewed here:

An online contribution calculator can be accessed here:

(Note:  The Village pays Bi-Weekly – 26 pays)

2. Dental Coverage

The Village provides dental coverage to all full-time employees and their eligible dependents through a Delta Dental Premier policy.  Details of the policy and coverage can be provided upon request.

Sick Days

Pursuant to New Jersey statute, the Village provides all full-time employees with 15 sick days annually.  Sick days may be accrued but are only payable upon retirement from the State retirement system and, in that case, payment is calculated at 50% of the value of each accrued day and capped at a maximum payout of $15,000.

Vacation Days

The Village’s standard policy provides non-union management level employees with 20 vacation days annually, pro-rated in the year of hire.  Vacation days must be used during the calendar year and may only be carried over if business demands prevent the employee from using them; in which case they must be used in the subsequent year or they are forfeited.


The Village does not provide a vehicle to the Administrator, but will provide either mileage reimbursement for work-related (non-commuting) travel and/or a negotiated monthly vehicle/mileage allowance.


The Village will provide the Administrator with a laptop computer and either a Village provided cell phone with full data plan or an agreed monthly cell phone allowance in the amount that a Village phone would cost to provide.