Elevator Speech

The Village Administrator is responsible for day-to-day operations, overseeing a $35M Current Fund budget and a $4M Water Utility budget, and managing 150 +/- full time, 30 +/ part time and hundreds of seasonal employees. Unlike many other towns of our size, we also have an incredible Deputy Administrator in our Table of Organization who works closely with and supports the Administrator. We’re a very busy and active town.

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Long Version: Article IV, Chapter 3 of our Municipal Code

The Village Administrator shall be a person of demonstrated executive and administrative ability. The Administrator shall be qualified both in terms of knowledge of and experience in accepted practices in respect to the duties of the office. The Village Administrator shall be appointed by the Village President with the advice and consent of the Board of Trustees and need not be a resident of the Village at the time of appointment. The Village Administrator shall, under the direction and supervision of the Village President:

A. Supervise the administration of each of the departments, offices and agencies established by ordinance and, for this purpose, prescribe standards and rules of administrative practice and procedure and consult with the heads of departments of the Village government.

B. Study the organization and operation of any and all departments and other spending agencies.

C. Prescribe and require each department and other spending agency for which Village appropriations are made to maintain records and produce reports of their respective workload and performance, expressed in appropriate work units, which he may prescribe or approve for each of the departments and other spending agencies.

D. Develop and enforce, in cooperation with other department heads, standards and procedures for the most efficient management of the Village government, not inconsistent with the Charter and ordinances of the Village.

E. Coordinate the operation and administration of the various departments, divisions and subdivisions, offices and agencies of the Village government.

F. Assist in the preparation of the annual budget and maintain a continuing review and analysis of budget operations, work programs and costs of municipal services.

G. Administer a uniform purchasing program and assign and reassign, transfer and retransfer from time to time, either temporarily or permanently, any property from one function to another or from one administrative unit to another, as the efficient management of the Village government may require.

H. Be responsible for the development and administration of a sound personnel system, acting as personnel officer and having full charge of all matters pertaining to personnel administration, subject to the express provisions of this chapter, Title 11, Civil Service, of the Revised Statutes, as amended, and all other applicable general laws.

I. Report to the Village President annually, during the month of June, on the coverage expiration date and premium of each surety bond and contract of insurance, the nature and terms of outstanding leases where the Village is landlord or tenant, the rent reserved by each lease and their respective expiration dates.

J. Develop and implement an ongoing program of evaluation on all matters of administrative organization, including the functions and operations of the various departments, committees and boards, and make recommendations to the governing body for improving the effectiveness of the Village government.

K. Keep the governing body informed on the present and prospective needs of the Village and make specific recommendations with respect to long-range planning and capital improvements.

L. Issue reports to the governing body on all Village affairs which, in the judgment of the Administrator, should be brought to the attention of that body or upon which any member has requested a report.

M. Act as liaison between the governing body and residents of the Village and to represent that body at meetings with residents, to receive, distribute and take appropriate action with respect to all complaints and requests for information on all Village matters and keep the governing body informed with respect thereto, so that government of the municipality can always be responsive to public opinion.

N. Ensure that all terms and conditions imposed in favor of the Village or its residents in any statute, public utility franchise or contract are faithfully kept and performed and to call the attention of the governing body to any infringement thereof.

O. Foster a well-informed citizenry by administering relations between the news media and the Village, so as to promote fair and impartial reporting of actions of the governing board and of other Village activities and affairs.

P. Maintain general administrative relationships between the Village and federal, state, county and municipal agencies and representatives and to provide a channel of communication between the Board of Education and the governing body.

Q. Perform such other and further duties as may be assigned to said Village Administrator by virtue of other ordinances contained within this South Orange Village Code or as a result of resolutions duly adopted by the Board of Trustees.

Annual Performance Review

The Village President, in consultation with the governing body, completes an annual performance review which can be found here. However, please keep in mind that we continue to provide constructive feedback along this journey. Us to you and you to us. This is a team and we only become better and stronger with open communication.